Now Open Near 1000 South Clark: The Momo World

Across the Himalayan region, momos (or savory dumplings) are a staple on every menu. The Momo World pays homage to the culinary tradition of Nepal by offering up a wide variety of the dumplings. Even though the restaurant only recently opened its doors on West Maxwell Street in Chicago, it’s already racking up the rave reviews thanks to the unique, authentic food.

The chef crafts a few types of classic momo, stuffed with ingredients like veggies, chicken, pork, or paneer cheese. They’re each marinated in Himalayan spices and steamed to perfectly hot and plump. You can also try specialty momo like the jhol momo, featuring chicken or veggie dumplings swimming in a Himalayan soup, or the butter masala momo, which are seared with a creamy tomato sauce infused with fresh onions.